La Marca for a good cause

By: Last Door

Leo Canosa was born in Havana, Cuba, on January 8th of 1975. He has been creating art as far back as he can remember in his native Havana, Cuba. Although he is mostly a self-taught artist, his biggest passion in life is art. He is extremely dedicated to consistently improving upon his skills. He is attracted to most art and styles but he is particularly inspired by flowing compositions with an illustrative approach. He has participated in several collective and personal art shows and has created print posters for cultural events in Cuba. In Canada, he made the art for the Vancouver Latin American Film Festival (VLAFF) in 2006. Leo has studied with a lot of artists from all over the world, including John Van’t Hullenaar, The Dutchman. In January 2015 he opened his own studio- gallery La Marca, located in the historic district of Old Havana where he is involved in many artistic and cultural projects…(Cont)

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